Canadian born, Jean Alice Rowcliffe has lived the life of a road less traveled.

In 1974, at seventeen years of age, Jean Alice moved to England to fulfill a childhood dream of working for Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, After this experience, she embarked upon the extensive training to become a nursery nurse at the prestigious Norland College,  Rowcliffe graduated  Head Nurse in 1979 and was chosen by Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, to raise their children, Lord Frederick and Lady Gabriella Windsor at Kensington Palace,

To date, Jean Alice is the only Canadian to raise children of the British royal family.     

After a number of years in royal service, the lure of travel took Rowcliffe to California where she worked for author Danielle Steel,, and countless other families as a nanny, maternity nurse, childcare consultant, personal assistant, household manager, and family travel companion. She is affectionately called "Mary Poppins" by many children she has known. As a way to teach and share her countless insights Rowcliffe in 2007, founded and became executive director of The Village Well, an award winning, non-profit community resource center in San Francisco that served, through a variety of programs, over 2000 families with young children. Rowcliffe, aka "Miss Jean",  expanded its outreach to encompass family shelters in the city helping to garner the respect of many in the community. In 2008 she founded The Slow Parenting Movement, slowparentingmovement.wordpress.comas a way to teach simple, patient and mindful parenting skills.

In January 2011 Gentry magazine chose her as one of "The Fab 15 Women of the Bay Area."  (page 53)

As a single mother for most of her only child's life, Jean Alice has a unique perspective that transcends her role within households and she fully understands the pressures and concerns that are the reality of raising children today. When her son James was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer in 2008 her world changed abruptly and his death eleven months later exposed a vulnerability that was not anticipated.  Her memoir, The Last Tear , is based on the blog that she kept during this time,, tells the tale of this shared journey through illness, death and mourning , exploring the truth that "grief is universal and inevitable in all our lives." It is Rowcliffe's desire now to encourage a more honest dialogue surrounding death and grief and through her writing is committed to becoming a more vocal advocate for those who mourn.

Rowcliffe currently resides in Canada and is in the process of writing a number of books as well as doing Reiki training. Her hope is to bring more healing energy to all projects and is especially interested in working with the Hospice and Palliative care communities.

She is booked to speak to the Women's Canadian Club on March 10, 2016 in London, Ontario Canada.

Rowcliffe is available for lectures, book readings, consultations and continues her love of travel as a temporary trouble shooter, maternity nurse and travel companion for families abroad.

Rowcliffe is registered with the Norland Agency in Bath, England, the Eden Agency in London England and Kensington Nannies in London England.



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