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A Norland trained nursery nurse, Canadian born, Jean Alice Rowcliffe, NNEB, RSH, is passionate about the rearing of our children. For over three decades she has enriched countless lives, including the British royal family, as nanny/governess to Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Making San Francisco her home in the late 1980’s, Rowcliffe had the opportunity to work with many families including author Danielle Steel. Through her supportive and loving hands-on education and organization, which incorporates a common sense approach, Rowcliffe  ultimately nurtures and strengthens the family to become a cohesive and loving unit. She is honoured to be called affectionately, “Mary Poppins” by many who have known her calm and gentle ways. The irony that her only child would die on the cusp of adulthood, after dedicating her life to raising other children, is beyond mystifying. 

Rowcliffe has returned to maternity nursing and troubleshooting positions. Recently it was to help a bereaved family and at the end of 2015 she was asked to participate in a product launch which resulted in the following film being produced. It received over 800,000 views in the first week of airing.

Writing continues to be a passionate interest and there are  a number of books in the works. Some of Rowcliffe's favorite children's stories are being tweaked with a "Putters trilogy" close to completion. Putters is the much loved VW Beetle that was an instrumental piece of James' days in San Francisco. The car has shared many adventures and is a perfect vehicle (pardon the pun) to share experience of life, death and rebirth through new relationships. Rowcliffe also 4 other children's books being edited.

Rowcliffe is also working on "After the Last Tear" which explores the many insights and lessons learned after experiencing a profound loss. Understanding more completely the universality of shared grief, this book will share more stories of loss but also the wisdom and  strength that can be attained over time, which allows one to move forward. Learning how to "sit with grief" is the thrust of her work with the bereaved.

She is also working on a parenting book which will include anecdotes of her years  in private service as well as incorporating many of the principles of the Slow Parenting Movement, founded by Rowcliffe in 2008.  With  unprecedented insights and many practical tools  to teach simple, patient and mindful parenting skills Rowcliffe hopes to guide parents back to a place of intuitive parenting rather that the "Google" approach which sadly has become the norm. 

"Home is the first school; parents are the first teachers." This mantra that defines Rowcliffe's legacy, has empowered those who are raising the next generation of children. Finding balance with technology and allowing children to develop their full creative potential is of particular concern for Rowcliffe, and having raised her own child (much of the time as  a single parent) she fully understands  the stresses that modern families  face.



                  THE LAST TEAR, a memoir


A mother grasps her dying son’s hand, struggling how to let go, aghast at what life will become after his death.

The Last Tear, a memoir  

is the poignant story of my only child James, a dynamic 17 year old who was diagnosed in San Francisco with a rare form of terminal cancer, in June 2008. He died eleven months later on the eve of Mother’s Day. Rather than allowing cancer to define his days James became even more focused on school, university applications and his future, inspiring not only his peers but the larger community, including President Obama. A crippling sorrow that paralyzed me for years is shared with candour and will touch anyone who has struggled with the excruciating grief associated with profound loss. Heartrending, and at times difficult, The Last Tear, a memoir eventually uplifts as it transcends a tale of cancer and death to embrace the larger canvas of how to live authentically with sorrow as a new companion.

"And still I dream that somewhere there will be
       The spirit of a lad who waits for me"


Author Danielle Steel raves, saying:

The Last Tear is a testimonial to the incredible strength of the human spirit, and the courage and power of maternal love and what it can endure. And then to have enough fortitude left to tell the story and write the book, I am in awe”

The Last Tear, a memoir

is available through your local bookstore, as well as online in hard and soft cover as well as an eBook.


ISBN 978-1-4836-6467-5 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-4836-6468-2 (hardback)

ISBN 978-1-4836-6469-9 (eBook)

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